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Bella Padilla



If ever there was a time, it's now. I have never felt so safe. I have never felt so secure, so strong. I realize that even at that time when I was fragile, you Jehovah hugged me. Now I understand that there is something sweet in every tear, something inspiring pushing me forward. Although it was not clear at the time, in your perfect timing it has been revealed. Today I live with purpose. My heart is full of you, I am yours, and you my God fill all the spaces that were once empty. There is a voice within me that reflects courage, new poems yearning to be written. There is a testimony that awakens from the darkness, from the storm, from a place of struggle, to that place of gratitude. Now I walk awake.


I hope you discover on every page, that each prayer brings us to meet the truth. That our source is full of abundance, that is where our faith grows, where our tears are soaked in victory.


From the beginning of this new walk, of this rebirth, God allowed me not only to change my life, but also to revive my poetry. From verses that were full of grief, nostalgia, and death, to poems full of joy, victory, and leadership. God was pleased to take me on a tour of those old poems, written in pain and confusion. Poems that I myself had somehow discarded, and through His Holy Spirit, he transform them into words with beautiful tones full of fruits. Just as one day He transformed me.

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"As a devoted congregant and leader of House of Refuge, Padilla's words possess a depth of authenticity that resonates with the souls of her readers. Her poems transcend the boundaries of mere verses, serving as gateways to profound spiritual insights and inspiration.

Padilla's poetry is a testament to her unwavering faith and her profound understanding of the spiritual battles we face in our lives. With each verse, she weaves a tapestry of emotions, taking us on an introspective expedition through the complexities of our own spiritual journeys. The poems capture the essence of struggle, resilience, and ultimate victory, reminding us that we are not alone in the battles we encounter."

Bishop Raymond Burgos,

Church of God House Of Refuge

In the press
Book Signing
Dec 10, 2023, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
678 Ave E, Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA
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